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2015 Annual Report: January 29, 2016
2016 Q1 Index: May 27, 2016
2016 Q2 Index: August 30, 2016
2016 Q3 Index: October 28, 2016



2017-Q1: January 2017


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About the Cost of Living Index

C2ER produces the Cost of Living Index to provide a useful and reasonably accurate measure to compare cost of living differences among urban areas. Items on which the Index is based have been carefully chosen to reflect the different categories of consumer expenditures. Weights assigned to relative costs are based on government survey data on expenditure patterns for midmanagement households. All items are priced in each place at a specified time and according to standardized specifications.

Participating Areas
Areas included in this survey are those for which chambers of commerce or similar organizations have volunteered to participate. The number of respondents varies from quarter to quarter, and C2ER makes a continuing effort to expand coverage of metropolitan areas. Any metropolitan area not represented in this report is absent because its chamber of commerce has opted not to collect data. C2ER has no data for areas that do not appear in the report.

Formats Available
The Cost of Living Index report is available quarterly in either hard copy or electronic form. A hard copy of the index is a magazine-style publication that is mailed to the shipping address provided. PDF or Excel formats are available for immediate download after the credit card transaction is approved. Single printed copy of reports may be purchased for $82.5 each or $165 for four (4) consecutive quarters. The price for a single PDF report is $75 and four consecutive quarters is $150. The price for a single Excel report is $95 and four consecutive quarters is $250. Subscriptions begin with the current issue unless a subscriber specifies otherwise.

Back Issues
Back issues are available since 1980. Issues from 1980-1989 are available in PDF format only and issues from 1990 to current are available in Excel format.

Subscriptions to the current or back issues can be ordered at the Online Store or by contacting:

COLI Orders
P.O. Box 100127
Arlington, VA 22210

Payment is accepted by check or government purchase order (payable to "C2ER"), VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. To order by fax, send your request with credit card or other payment information to 703-522-4985. All payments must be in U.S. currency.

Copyright Policy
The Cost of Living Index is copyrighted. Printing, transferring into digital format, or otherwise reproducting an entire Index report or any part thereof for purposes of sale is expressly prohibited unless written permission is obtained from C2ER. Members of the news media, however, are permitted to use Cost of Living Index data in editorial form in both paper and online copy, and are permitted to reproduce tables in part to illustrate text, provided appropriate credit is given to C2ER. They are granted no other reproduction rights.

COLI Participants may post to the internet Cost of Living Index (but not price) data for their respective areas and for any area included in the "Media Release " list. Other online use of data from the Cost of Living Index is prohibited.

Any questions about this copyright policy or reproduction rights should be addressed to C2ER at 703-522-4980.