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A Unique (and Affordable) Spring Break Destination: Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry blossom spring break

Spring is in the air! After roughly six weeks of hard work at school, you probably desperately want to get out of the town to recharge. For some of you, that means partying on the beach with thousands of other inebriated college students. But, if you are looking for a quieter, more reflective Spring Break destination, consider checking out the cherry blossoms!

While Japan is known for cherry blossoms, you don’t have to fly across the Pacific Ocean to see them.

Cherry blossom spring break

If you live in the Washington, DC, area – one of the best places in the US to view cherry blossoms – you probably remember how packed the famous Tidal Basin was during one weekend last spring. It was chock full of people who eagerly want to see those cute flowers, take photos with them, and share with friends on social media. Even the metro stations were full of crowds waiting to get on to the trains! I’m sure that wasn’t a pleasant experience for those who attended. 

So, if you want to avoid huge crowds (and high prices!), we have prepared two lists of cities, excluding popular destinations such as Washington, DC and Boston, MA, that have cherry blossoms and are wallet friendly. Since it’s a tradition in Japan to have picnic under cherry blossoms tree to welcome the arrival of spring, we suggest you prepare your own food and have a picnic on the lawn while enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms! 

According to C2ER Cost-of-Living Index’s 2023 Annual Average data, here are five cities that might be a great destination and are less likely to break your budget. We are assuming this trip would include common picnic items such as sausage, eggs, bread, tuna, orange juice, coffee, potato chips, coke, beer, wine, and fried chicken to compile a picnic index. We are also assuming you want to save money on food. 

Check out this list below for five cheapest destinations to see cherry blossoms. These five places all scored below the national average or at the national average for our new picnic index: 

If you have more dollars to spare, you can check out the following list of urban areas which are known for having cherry blossoms – again, excluding Washington, DC and Boston. They might be more crowded than the area in the list above, but less packed than Tidal Basin in the nation’s capital.  

Hopefully, these two lists can give you some ideas for a relaxed, contemplative spring break destination. This way, you can take as many photos as possible of gorgeous Sakura, relax on the lawn, and enjoy the beautiful view with your friends, while avoiding excessive crowds and overpriced destinations!

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