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County Cost of Living Index and Median Household Income: How Cost of Living Differences Affect Real Earnings
August 3, 2022

The decision to move to a new city for a bigger salary may seem like a no-brainer, but how far will that extra money go? It is undeniable that larger metro areas like New York and Los Angeles offer better opportunities for higher paying jobs, but jobseekers should not only consider the size of their […]

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Blog Post
Effects of the Colonial Pipeline Hack on the Price of Gas
May 27, 2021

On May 7th the Colonial Pipeline, a major source of fuel and refined petroleum for the southeast, running from Texas and up through the East Coast, halted its operation temporarily in response to a cyberattack. The massive disruption in the market led to a supply shortage exacerbated by panic buying consumers. Scenes of customers waiting […]

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