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Cheapest and Most Expensive Metro Areas for Easter DinneršŸ£

Are you looking to celebrate the Easter holiday with a nice, traditional dinner? Cooking at home is not only cheaper than going out to eat, but it also has a lot of benefits, like allowing for quality family time. However, how cheap can it be?

Using COLIā€™s 2023 annual average prices, and assuming the main ingredients youā€™re buying are chicken for the main course, potatoes for one of many classic potato dishes (scalloped potatoes are my personal favorite), corn for a classic side, and perhaps eggs for those oh-so-delicious deviled eggs, we created an Easter Dinner Index to depict which metro areas offer more and less budget-friendly prices for a holiday meal. The table below indicates the most and least expensive places:

Folks in Orange County, CA and Bakersfield, CA might find themselves having to give up some of those side dishes, seeing as those places have an index score of 148! That means the cost of Easter dinner is 48% more expensive than the national average! The biggest culprit of such a high score is the chicken and corn, which make up the majority of the cost. So maybe look for some chicken substitutes and fill up a little more on side dishes like those delicious cheesy scalloped potatoes and roasted greens.

For those of you living in Westminster, CO and Salina, KS, enjoy your delicious meal for 14% less than the national average. Or, if you have family in these areas, perhaps now is the time to pay them a visit and enjoy some extended family company for the holiday weekend. With comparatively lower prices, these places offer the best budget-friendly dinners!

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