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cost of living differences calculator

Are you looking to wine and dine your Valentine at a destination that won’t break your budget? Nowadays, couples find themselves looking for a romantic gesture that won’t come with a corresponding dent in their wallets. 

cost of living calculator index price differences

Using COLI’s 2023 annual average prices, and assuming an amazing date includes a movie ticket, a bottle of wine, a haircut, dry cleaning for a two-piece suit, and a ribeye steak, we created a Dating Index to signify which metro areas offer more and less budget-friendly approaches to affairs of the heart. The table below indicates the most and least expensive places:

cost of living calculator price differences expensive cheap

Taking your Valentine in Seattle sounds like fun, but the area has a whopping Dating Index score of 140, making it 40% more expensive than the national average. (They had better be worth it!) This is largely because of the price of dry cleaning and a haircut, both of which surpass the national average by a significant margin. You could avoid a fresh cut and suit in favor of spending more money on the date itself, but opting to forgo these preparations may lead to attending the date looking a little worse for wear! 

Happy couple saving money cost of living calculator price differences

On the flip side, a quick rendezvous in Thomasville-Lexington NC is roughly 30% less expensive than the national average. With remarkably affordable movie tickets and haircut prices, the bustling small town offers a budget-friendly option for a date night where you can put your best foot forward! 

Now you know how to take your beloved on a lovely weekend trip that won’t break your budget. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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