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Cost of Living Index: Estimating the Cost of a Spring Break Road trip from the Big Apple to the Magic City of Miami

Escaping the chilly, bustling streets of New York City to bask in the sun-soaked shores of Miami Beach sounds like a nice change of pace. However, beyond the anticipation of scenic vistas and new experiences lies the practical consideration of cost. From fuel expenses to meals along the way, calculating the total cost of driving from New York City to Miami Beach requires careful consideration when budgeting your much needed vacation. Utilizing C2ER Cost of Living Index average prices, C2ER has estimated the cost of traveling for Spring Break down the east coast, stopping at major destinations along the way.

Assuming regular stops every 4-5 hours for both refueling your car and refueling yourself, let’s break down the costs to ensure you’re prepared for the road trip ahead. Having fueled up and grabbed a well-balanced breakfast in New York, you are ready to embark on your long journey down the east coast. But first, let’s examine the cost of traveling through each checkpoint of the trip.

According to Forbes, the average fuel economy of vehicles in 2023 is close to 32 mpg. So, using this figure, you can estimate using roughly 43 gallons of gas to journey from New York City to Miami. After two days of driving, you’ll find yourself on the white, sandy beaches of Miami, Florida.

Having filled up for gas one more time before your exploration, you’ll have spent $145.48 on gas, $34.26 on food, and $86 for a one-night stay at Best Western in Charleston, South Carolina, totaling $265.74. As you ponder the expenses and your impending journey back, you might find yourself thinking, “Maybe I should’ve just taken a flight!”

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