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It’s College Basketball Season! Is Your Team’s Area Madly Expensive or Madly Cheap?

When it comes to the cost of living, every point counts! As people are turning on their TVs to watch their favorite college basketball teams, they may be reminded that in the game of budgets, every cent saved can add up to a victory! So, while you cheer for your team on the court, let us help you score big savings off the court too.

If you are a student at a number one seed team school, the cost of living in your city doesn’t look too shabby! According to the most recent issue of the cost of living index, each area either falls close to or below the national average. Knoxville TN boasts a low overall score of 86.7 with a low housing score of 74.5. Seems like you can snag some sweet digs cheaply! Hartford CT, while not much higher than the national average, is the most expensive place of the four areas.

Let’s say you are a UConn Husky looking to become a Tennessee Volunteer. How much different is your cost of living?

If you relocate, your cost of living for housing and utilities drops by close to a fourth of its previous level. While you may see a bit of savings in healthcare and transportation, the difference in groceries is minimal. So, fret not about the price of a bag of chips and soda while still cheering for the Huskies!

Overall, your cost of living isn’t going to vary drastically among the four cities. So, take pride in whichever school you attend, without the worries of the cost of getting to and from class or the expense of your next case of beer!

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