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2015 Annual Report: January 29, 2016
2016 Q1 Index: May 27, 2016
2016 Q2 Index: August 30, 2016
2016 Q3 Index: October 28, 2016



2017-Q1: January 2017


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Cost of Living Index Calculator is now available for license!


Do you want to let your clients compare cost of living differences between your community and others? Do you need to add more information regarding cost of living comparisons to your site that will engage your web visitors?

C2ER announces the availability of an exciting new web-based cost of living calculator that can be easily adapted for your own website! The Cost of Living Index (COLI) Web Calculator allows your web visitors to make their very own cost of living comparisons between U.S. cities. An annual license would allow your site's visitors to compare the prices in your city to those in many others. They can also enter their after-tax income and “calculate” how much they would need to make in a new city to maintain their current standard of living.

The calculator uses continuously updated data pulled directly from the highly regarded Cost of Living Index to make these comparisons. The Cost of Living Index data is based on the prices of more than 60 goods and services, updated quarterly. The COLI is highly regarded as the most accurate and reliable source of data comparing costs from city to city.

The Council's staff provide the option of customizing the COLI Calculator for your needs, hosting it through our server, and providing technical assistance. Others are using our data for their website. Here are a couple of examples that you trigger ideas for you:

To find out more, please call Erol Yildirim at 703-522-4980, ext. 1014 to learn how easy and inexpensive it can be for you to add this exciting new feature to your website!