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County Level Index + Adjusted MHI

County Level Index

The voluntary nature of the quarterly Index means that not every area is covered, and customers increasingly seek cost comparisons in local areas. In response to the demand for more localized data, C2ER has developed a county-level cost of living index for the United States based on an econometric model that identifies key determinants of an area’s cost of living.

The publication currently available is the 2021 County Level Index.

New! C2ER now offers the COLI County Level Index as low as $345 with it’s “Basic” level membership!

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County Level Index + Adjusted County Median Household Income

The County Index Adjusted for Median Household Index (MHI) was created to standardize the Census MHI data to factor in cost of living differentials. This publication includes the County Level Index, MHI county data, and the adjusted income for each county.