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Quarterly Index and Publications

Quarterly Index

Published quarterly, the dataset contains local, metro-level pricing data for over 60 goods and services. If you are looking for more detail, the expanded edition is available. The publication currently available is the 2023 Q3 Index. Download a sample here.

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Expanded Edition

The expanded issue includes the regular quarterly publication, along with:

Indices for six additional demographic groups:

  • Construction Workers and Mechanics
  • Self Employed Workers
  • Wage and Salary Earners
  • Retired
  • Lowest 20 income quintile
  • Second 20 income quintile

Estimated expenditures for:

  • Husband and Wife with one child under 6 years old
  • Husband and Wife with two children
  • Homeowners
  • Renters

Download a sample here.

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The historical publication is a comprehensive dataset, featuring 40,000 records of quarterly COLI data dating back to 1990.

The Historical Quarterly Index includes MSA and city level Index values and average price data going back to 1990 in a single file. Back issues are available since 1980 and include all four published quarters for each year. Issues from 1980-1989 are available in PDF format only and issues from 1990 to current are available in Excel format. For individual past quarter data, or any other historical options, please contact us. Download a sample here.

Historical Dataset(1990-Present)
Past Issues (Full Year)
Excel (1990-Present)40