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2015 Annual Report: January 29, 2016
2016 Q1 Index: May 27, 2016
2016 Q2 Index: July 29, 2016
2016 Q3 Index: October 28, 2016



2016-Q2: April 7 - 9, 2016
2016-Q3: July 7 - 9, 2016


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Item No. Title Price Qty
Cost of Living Index - Single Issue
PDF  PDF Format (electronic delivery) $75.00
Print  Print Format (mail only) $82.50
Excel  Excel Format (electronic delivery) $95.00
ExcelExpandedEdition  Excel Format - Expanded Edition (electronic delivery) $110.00
Combo  Print and Excel Combined (mail & electronic delivery) $125.00
Cost of Living Index - 1 Year (4 Consecutive Issues)
PDFYear  PDF Format (electronic delivery) $150.00
PrintYear  Print Format (mail only) $165.00
ExcelYear  Excel Format (electronic delivery) $250.00
ComboYear  Excel & Print Combined (mail & electronic delivery) $295.00
ExcelExpandedEditionYear  Excel Format - Expanded Edition (electronic delivery) $325.00
Cost of Living Index - 1 Year Renewal
PDFYearRenewal  PDF Format $150.00
PrintYearRenewal  Print Format (mail only) $165.00
ExcelYearRenewal  Excel Format $250.00
ComboYearRenewal  Excel & Print Combined $295.00
ExcelExpandedYearRenewal  Excel Format - Expanded Edition (electronic delivery) $325.00
Cost of Living Index - Related Products
StateLevelIndex  State-Level Cost of Living Index $50.00
CountyLevelIndex  County-level Cost of Living Index - 2013 $395.00
COLIAdjustedMHI  Cost of Living Adjusted Median Household Income - 2013 $425.00
ExpenditureDatabase  State Economic Development Expenditure Database $495.00
COLICalculator  COLI Calculator $5,500.00
Malizia/Feser  Understanding Local Economic Development (mail only) $45.00
EDOSurvey2006  EDO Survey 2006 (electronic delivery) $45.00
EconDev2  Local Economic Development Handbook: A Guide for Practitioners & Communities (electronic) $85.00