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The Cost of Living Index was featured on NPR’s Marketplace

The Cost of Living Index was featured on NPR’s Marketplace

C2ER’s Cost of Living Index was recently featured in NPR’s Marketplace segment!

Our very own Tyler Baines discussed the rationale behind why certain products were featured. He was quoted as saying, …if we’re noticing Walmart, Target, Safeway, they all have the 72-count dishwashing pods… that’s what we’re probably going to price.”

As you can tell from the story, calculating such an index is no easy feat. However, since we have been publishing since 1968, and are a non-profit organization, COLI is among the most trusted names when it comes to sharing accurate cost of living data in the United States.

There are many ways organizations can use C2ER’s cost of living index. It can be used to see what it would cost to live in another part of the country, and how much they would need to have a similar lifestyle there.

The data can be used by libraries, colleges and universities by providing them with an unlimited license to a wide variety of data sets so researchers can do a deep dive into many topics that are interesting to them.

It can even be embedded into other websites to offer their customers a competitive advantage.

Have a listen to the great NPR story where the reporter discusses the many facets of cost of living indexes!