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The Most Expensive Places to Go to the Movies – Arizona Daily Star

In the film industry, summertime means one thing — it’s blockbuster season. Studios line up theirbig-budget movies hoping to cash in on hits, a strategy that sometimes backfires in a major way. This past quarter was a disappointment for movie theater chains AMC and Regal Entertainment, and whatever the root cause for the downturn is, the rising price of actually getting a seat in the theater can’t be helping matters.

CareerTrends — an employment and career research site powered by the Graphiq network — found the 50 most expensive places to go to the movies. The data comes from the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Cost of Living Index, which is compiled by pricing items across different locations at a specified time. The list is ranked by the cost of one ticket to a first-run, indoor, evening movie with no discount.