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Who Runs COLI, and Why Should You Care?

Many of you might not know that the Cost of Living Index is run by a non-profit organization called The Council for Community and Economic Research, also known as C2ER. C2ER is not just another trade association; it’s a community-driven hub that unites economic and workforce development researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, designed to help regions thrive and enhance members’ careers. With a rich history dating back to 1961, C2ER has consistently demonstrated its commitment to promoting excellence in community, workforce, and economic research. By encouraging collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, C2ER stands as a respected leader in economic analysis, data collection, and regional development strategies.

Additionally, as a C2ER member, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to support your professional growth and success:

  • Exclusive Access to Data Tools and Publications: Members can leverage the Cost of Living Index (COLI) as well as the State Business Incentives Database, Economic Diversity Index, and the Reference USA Database. These resources facilitate robust economic analysis, community benchmarking, and informed decision-making. Click here for membership benefits and pricing.
  • Networking Opportunities: C2ER connects you with a national network of peers through webinars, conferences, and training programs. This community is ideal for sharing best practices, staying updated with industry trends, and expanding professional networks.
  • Professional Development: From webinars, training, and certification programs to mentorship opportunities, C2ER supports your career growth at every stage. Regular webinars feature industry experts discussing topics from data analysis to regional economic policy. Instructor-led training sessions provide practical skills in data collection and analysis. C2ER’s professional certification, the Certified Economic Research Professional (CERP), is the industry standard for recognizing excellence in economic research and embodies the applied skills of economic, demographic, industry, and workforce analysis.
  • Annual Conference: The C2ER Annual Conference is the premier event for those in the field, offering keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops that cover a broad spectrum of economic and workforce development topics. This year, our Annual Conference will be held in Norfolk, Virginia. Check out our Conference page for more information.
  • Awards and Recognition: C2ER celebrates outstanding contributions to the field through its annual awards program, recognizing achievements with awards.
  • Policy Advocacy: Members contribute to advocacy efforts that promote sound economic policies at various governmental levels, influencing policy with evidence-based recommendations.
  • Technical Assistance: C2ER provides support on economic research projects with guidance from C2ER’s experienced professionals in data analysis, research design, and more.

Take your COLI journey to the next level by joining C2ER, where you can connect with a community that not only supports your professional development but also enhances your economic research impact. Whether you are seeking to deepen your knowledge, expand your network, boost your career, influence economic policy, or just get a discount on COLI and other data tools, C2ER offers the tools and community to help you succeed.

For details about C2ER, visit the C2ER home page.